Monday, September 22, 2014

Applications of Adsorption

The phenomenon of adsorption finds extensive application in field of Industry, laboratory and various other technical processes. A few important applications of adsorption are as under:-
1.     Manufacture of Gas Masks
               Activated charcoal used in gas masks removes all undesirable toxic and poisonous gases while purified air passes through its pores.
2.      Removing Of Colouring Matter From Sugar Juice & Vegetable Oils
                 Activated animal charcoal is used as decolourizer in removing colouring matter of sugar solution and other vegetable materials.
3.      Dehydration & Purification Of Gases
                  Silica gel and Alumina are used as good adsorbents for removing moisture and for controlling humidities in rooms which store delicate articles.
4.      Dyeing of Clothes
                  Modrants used in dyeing adsorb the colouring matter which does not attach to fabric otherwise.
5.      Creation Of High Vacuum In Laboratory
                  Finely divided coconut charcoal adsorbs all gases creating a vacuum as low as 10–4 mm.
6.      Heterogenous Catalysis
                 The action of heterogeneous catalysts like finely divided nickel, finely divided platinum, finely divided iron in hydrogenation of oils, conversion of SO2 to SO3 and manufacture of ammonia respectively is based on the phenomenon of adsorption.
7.      Ion-Exchange Resins
                   The organic high polymers containing groups such as –COOH, –SO3H or –NH2 possess the property of selective adsorption of ions from solution. These resins are largely used in Industrial softening of water and separation of rare earths from their mixture.
8.      Chromotography
                   There are a number of chromotographic techniques like adsorption chromotography, paper chromotography and vapour phase chromotography which are based on selective adsorption of different substances of the adsorbent.
9.      Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
                  The confirmatory lake test for Al3+ ions is based on the adsorption of colour of litmus by Al(OH)3.
10.    Drugs
         Various drugs get adsorbed on the tissues which then are heated. The germicidal action of medicines is also based on the property of adsorption.

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