Saturday, August 11, 2012


This method is particularly used when metals are required in high degree of purity. It is based on the principle that when an impure metal in a molten state is allowed to cool, only the metal crystallizes while the impurities remain present in the molten state (mass) or melt.
                                    The impure metal converted into a rod which is heated at one end with a circular heater. A narrow zone of metal is melted. The heater is slowly moved along the rod. The pure metal recrystallizes out of melt while the impurities remain in the melt which moves along with the melted zone of the rod with the movement of heater. The process is repeated several times. The end of rod where impurities have collected is cut off. This method is employed for the purification of germanium, silicon, gallium etc, which are used in semi – conductors.