Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Characteristics of the Waves

The various characteristic properties of the wave are as follows;
  1. Wave-Length
  2. The distance between the two consecutive troughs or crests of a wave is known as Wave-length of the wave. It is denoted by λ (Lambda).
  3. Frequency
  4. The number of waves made per second is called Frequency. It is denoted by ν (nu) . Its unit is hertz (Hz).
  5. Velocity
  6. The distance travelled by a wave in one second is called Velocity of the wave .It is denoted by letter c. The frequency (ν) and wavelength (λ) are related to velocity (c) by the relation:
    C = ν λ
  7. Wave number
  8. It may be defined as the number of wavelengths per centimeter. It is equal to the inverse of wavelength expressed in centimeters. It is denoted by ν.
    ν = 1/λ
  9. Amplitude
  10. It is the height of the crest or depth of a trough of a wave. It is generally expressed by the letter ‘a’. The amplitude of a wave determines the intensity of the radiation.

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